Vientiane Biking to Luang Prabang - 9 days is an incredible way to experience Laos. Avoiding all the major highways and getting way off the beaten track, this cycling adventure will take you through national parks, rivers and rainforests.

Day 1 : Vientiane Arrival

There’s a feast of exciting activities to sink your teeth into. Spend your day exploring  around the many markets, museums and temples. The day is yours to potter, caffeinate and watch the world go by. The  group will meet up for dinner at 6pm at the hotel, where we’ll dine at a social enterprise based vocational training restaurant, supporting Friends international.

Inc. Meals: Dinner
Cycling: NA
Transit: Airport transfer
Hotel: Le Luxe Boutique Hotel (3 star)

Optional activities: Wat Sisaket, Ho Prakeo, That Luang Stupa, Patouxay (Arch de Triumph)

Day 2 : Vientiane - Thalat

Rice fields, rivers and rainforests
In the morning, we’ll visit the local NGO team of Peuan Mit (“Good Friends” in Lao). They are part of the Friends International organisation and operate a holistic program for children, youth and caregivers living on the streets and in marginalized communities in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. From here, we’ll depart Vientiane by van to get out of the city hustle. Our ride will take us from rice fields through to rainforests as we cycle passed the limestone cliffs of Phou Khao Khauy NP. Lunch will be in the small village of Ban Kern on the Nam Ngum river.
Inc. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Cycling: 68km | easy | +560m/-485m
Transit: 20km
Hotel: Long Ngum View Resort
NGO: Friends International
Day 3 :  Thalat - Paksan
Phou Khao Khuay National Park-  Boat rides, picnics and waterfalls

We’ll start the day after breakfast on a boat, making our way through to the village of Longsan, just north of the national park. Our ride takes us straight through the heart of this magnificent natural beauty and through to Tad Leuk waterfall for a well deserved break. We’ll cycle out of the park and transit through to Paksan for the evening.

Inc. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Cycling: 48km |moderate | +874m/-955m
Transit: 2.5 hr boat + 1 hr drive
Hotel: Sokbounma in Paksan

Day 4 :  Paksan - Phon Savanh

Riding through time

An early start to beat the heat of the day, this ride departs directly from the hotel and travels through remote areas and deep forest, where villages are untouched by modern civilisation. Our lunch will be served at a local restaurant in Ban Thasi, after which, we truck about 2 hours to Muang Khoun where we will visit Old stupa and Buddha sculpture which was bombed during the Vietnam war.

Inc. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Cycling: 81km | moderate | +1,088m/-1,032m
Transit:  3 hr drive
Hotel: Maly Hotel

Day 5 : Phon Savanh

Plain of Jars, UXO ordinance and a local NGO

In the morning, we’ll visit a local NGO that works with victims of land mines, still remaining from the Vietnam War. This is an incredible experience to learn about the devastation let behind from the war and the effects that remains to this day.
In the afternoon we’ll visit the Plain of Jars site, an archeological landscape consisting of thousands of stone jars scattered throughout the valley. These ‘jars’ are considered to be up to 2000 years old and theorised to potentially be old burial pits.

Inc. Meals: Breakfast
Cycling: None
Transit: Local
Hotel: Maly Hotel

Day 6 : Phon Savanh - Kasi

Cycling mountains

We’ll avoid riding the main road, the climbs and the trucks between Phonsavan and Phou Khoun by transferring in the morning. After lunch, we’ll take the bikes on the much quieter and scenic downhill ride to Kasi. This laid back little river town will be our last stop before riding into Luang Prabang.

Inc. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Cycling: 45km | easy | +664m/-1,672m
Transit: 3 hrs
Hotel: Local Guesthouse

Day 7 : Kasi - Luang Prabang

Last day of the ride

We’ll skip the first 30km of climbing by jumping in the van to the viewpoint. From here we’ll attempt to cycle all the way into Luang Prabang, with twice as much downhill as up in the remaining 95km.There’s no rush and a support van that’s with us the whole way. Once we get into Luang Prabang, we’ll meet up again for dinner at the Friends International restaurant, KhaiPhaen. It’s a social enterprise based restaurant that empowers disadvantaged youth with vocational training amongst other support

Inc. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Cycling: 95km | moderate | +1233m / -2778m
Transit: 30km
Hotel: My Lao Home Boutique Hotel

Day 8 : Luang Prabang - Kuangsi Waterfalls

Bears, buffalos and waterfalls

The relaxed road out of Luang Prabang will take us as far as Kuangsi Falls, one of the most spectacular swimming holes on the continent. Along the way we’ll visit the Lao Buffalo Dairy. Here, you’ll meet Aussie farmer and founder, Suzie, whose initiative provides an insight into the issues surrounding village farmers and water buffalo care. The dairy also provides animal husbandry nutrition programs to the rural  communities close to the falls.
Before taking a dip in the beautiful Kuangsi Falls, we’ll get a behind the scenes experience with the team from Free the Bears. This sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates sun, moon and sloth bears from bile farms.

Inc. Meals: Breakfast
Cycling: Optional 30km | easy | +402 m / -291 m
Transit: 30km
Hotel: My Lao Home Boutique Hotel

Day 9 : Luang Prabang - Departure

Departure Day!

Congratulations! You’ve cycled Laos, covered almost 340km in the saddle and more than scratched the surface as to what this fantastic country is all about.
We’ll enjoy a final breakfast together before we say goodbye. There’s plenty to do in Luang Prabang so just let us know if you’re staying for a few days and we can give you some suggestions.

Inc. Meals: Breakfast
Cycling: None
Transit: Airport transfers available on request
Hotel: Additional accommodation available on request

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Departure date : Join in group departure on 6th Monthly

Group Size  : From 2 to 16 riders

Tour cost : Contact Us

Tour Cost Includes:

  • MTB Bikes for complete Tour and helmet
  • Accommodation in tour - 8 nights
  • All Meals B = Breakfast , L = Lunch , D = Dinner
  • Lunch in Midway restaurant/City Restaurant or Pack Lunch
  • Mechanic throughout the tour
  • Boat trip, local ferry in tour
  • Back up AC vehicle for complete tour ( Bus , + Truck for group )
  • English speaking Local Guide - Cum biking guide
  • Fresh Fruits/Snacks (Only Cycling Part)
  • Unlimited filter water during cycling (Only Cycling Part)
  • All road and transport taxes
  • Driver Allowance
  • Toll and Parking charges
  • 10% Government Taxe

Tour Cost Excludes:

  • International flight tickets , visa
  • Accommodation not in tours
  • Other personal expenses
  • Tips and Gratitude
  • Travel insurance
  • Any Hard and Soft Drink with meals

Travel Information

Bikes: Trek MTB Bikes

Bike Hire: Includes on Tour Cost. You may bring your own bikes, but in this case let us know in advance. Other equipment provided: Pedals, helmet, water bottles.


Accommodation is offered at all locations. Most of the hotels are Culture Resort, Home-stay , guesthouse ,Eco Resorts & family run hotels - all with a common line of quality in service. Our costs are based on 'twin-sharing' foundation. For those who wants single room, we offer single room, but at extra cost.


The landscape is mountain, biking through the village streets ,fields, fruits garden , local ferry and monkey bridges


The annual monsoon cycles that affect all of mainland Southeast Asia produce a ‘dry and wet monsoon climate’ with three basic seasons for most of Laos. The southwest monsoon arrives in Laos between May and July and lasts into November.
The monsoon is followed by a dry period (from November to May), beginning with lower relative temperatures and cool breezes created by Asia’s northeast monsoon (which bypasses most of Laos), lasting until mid-February. Exceptions to this general pattern include Xieng Khuang, Hua Phan and Phongsali Provinces, which may receive rainfall coming from Vietnam and China during the months of April and May.
Rainfall varies substantially according to latitude and altitude, with the highlands of Vientiane, Bolikhamsai, Khammuan and eastern Champasak Provinces receiving the most.
Temperatures also vary according to altitude. In the humid, low-lying Mekong River valley, temperatures range from 15°C to 38°C, while the mountains of Xieng Khuang it can drop to 0°C at night.
When to go
The best time for visiting most of Laos is between November and February, when it rains the least and is not too hot. It’s also Laos’s main season for both national and regional bun (festivals).
If you plan to focus on the mountainous northern provinces, the hot season (from March to May) and early rainy season (around June) is not bad either, as temperatures are moderate at higher elevations. Southern Laos, on the other hand, is best avoided from March to May, when day-time temperatures break into the 40s and nights aren’t much cooler.
The rainy season is not as bad as you might think. While it will rain – very heavily – the downpours are often fairly brief and can be bracketed by long periods of sunshine. The rains also clear dust from the skies and land, making everything clearer and brighter. Of course, there are downsides; unsealed roads can become quagmires and extensive travel in remote areas like Salavan, Phongsali and Sainyabuli might be impossible. River travel can be a good alternative during these months. If you intend to travel extensively by river, November is the best; flooding has usually subsided yet river levels are still high enough for maximum navigability. Between January and June, low water can make navigating some rivers difficult.
December to February and August are the peak tourist times. January, in particular, is very busy and booking ahead is advisable.

Transportation/Support Vehicles

All transport is involved in the cost. We provide backup vehicle at all times during cycling trip. The vehicle can be used to boat your baggage & yourself as required.


Food is a very essential part of these trips. We make sure that the meals we offer is method delicious, unless you ask for dull meals. You are also permitted the choice of veggie or non-vegetarian meals. We suggest that you consume only the canned standard water. Please make sure that the container is enclosed.

What to bring

  • Footwear
  • Bike shoes
  • Helmet
  • Pedal
  • Water Bottle
  • Sun cream lotion
  • Relaxed shoes for walking
  • Shoes for other sightseeing
  • Socks


  • In Laos, the conventional of outfit is more traditional. We counsel you to prevent very short shorts/skirts and limited tops/tanktops when viewing small non-urban places,pagodas, temples, mosques or other sacred sites as this may limit your access.
  • Water resistant jacket.
  • Riding a bike equipment like safety gloves and shorts.


  • Torch
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Eyewear, cap
  • Sun lotion of spf at least 35
  • Individual Bike riding equipment like bar finishes, pedals, chairs and headgear
  • Helmets for riding a bike


Malaria is a avoidable disease that can create trouble if neglected. One can prevent disease by taking recommended anti-malarial drugs and defending against insect attacks. The areas you will be passing are Malaria-free. Make sure that your insurance provider includes illnesses and injuries overseas.


  • Bring all the important medications and OTC medications. Do not ignore to have the brands as well as the general titles of the medications one needs to have.
  • Use a sun hat when revealed.
  • Consume a lot of liquids. Don't drink tap water. Use only bottled water which is always kept in the back of your automobile.
  • Bring your personal medical kit and pest resilient.
  • To avoid fungus and parasitic attacks, keep legs clean and dry, and do not go without shoes.
  • Do not eat food bought from road providers.
  • Do not drink drinks with ice.
  • Do not eat milk products unless it is known that they have been pasteurized.
  • Prevent managing creatures (especially apes, pets, and cats) to avoid attacks and serious illnesses.

Medical Information Update

Details given above are liable to change every now and then and one should contact the Native Lao tasks of the specific country or the government vacationer offices for more details.


You will get possibilities en-route to do a bit of purchasing. However unless particularly requested for, our guide will not suggest any particular store. Neither we nor our driver/guides take any percentage on purchasing.

Spending Money

Every visitor will have different cash specifications and varying personal costs. Please assess your own spending routines while enabling for beverages, purchasing and falling. Also keep aside cash for extra costs like:

  • Foods which are not included
  • Emergencies
  • Optionally available activities /additional sightseeing
  • Shopping/Souvenirs/Tips

Foreign Exchange

As Laos currency value tend to go up and down, make reference to the following website for daily return rates:

Airport Taxes

There is no airport terminal or leaving taxation from any airport terminal of Laos .

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